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  • Cultural journeys at Pennine Way Junior Academy

    Cultural journeys at Pennine Way Junior Academy Posted 22nd May 2019

    How one school is working with a composer to explore sounds from around the world

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  • NYCGB alumni - where are they now?

    NYCGB alumni - where are they now? Posted 01st May 2019

    We chat to NYCGB alumni about influential teachers and the enduring power of singing together

  • Teacher Spotlight: Sam Clarke

    Teacher Spotlight: Sam Clarke Posted 01st May 2019

    Advice for teachers and tips for top notch performers; Sam Clarke gives us an insight into the world of singing at Amherst School.

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  • Teacher Spotlight: Helen Bradshaw

    Teacher Spotlight: Helen Bradshaw Posted 29th Jan 2019

    We hear from a Specialist Music Teacher who has been with Sing Up since the very beginning about the legacy of singing at Hotham Primary School

  • Songwriter Spotlight: Beccy Owen

    Songwriter Spotlight: Beccy Owen Posted 28th Jan 2019

    Writer of our 2019 Sing Up Day song talks influences and composition process

  • Just keep singing

    Just keep singing Posted 05th Sep 2018

    Our mission at Sing Up is not just to start people singing but also to keep them singing.

  • Songwriter Spotlight: Sharon Durant

    Songwriter Spotlight: Sharon Durant Posted 05th Sep 2018

    Learn tips from the writer of our new Song Bank addition, In Flanders fields

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  • Teacher Spotlight: Thomas Liddle

    Teacher Spotlight: Thomas Liddle Posted 05th Sep 2018

    We speak to a Brit abroad in the USA about singing, music and the IPC

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  • Joined up thinking

    Joined up thinking Posted 02nd May 2018

    We look at the International Primary Curriculum, and how Sing Up complements a topic focussed approach

  • International Sing Up Members speak up

    International Sing Up Members speak up Posted 02nd May 2018

    Connect with your international colleagues and hear how they use Sing Up to complement the topic focussed approach of the International Primary Curriculum

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