20th Feb 2024

Sing Up Day returns for its 14th year

Sing Up unveils a new theme and songwriter for Sing Up Day 2024

Sing Up
Sing Up Day returns for its 14th year

After reviewing lots of brilliant submissions, we are thrilled to announce our new song commission for Sing Up Day 2024. This year's celebrations will feature a very special song titled I belong written by award-winning singer and songwriter Roseanne Reid. Roseanne is a busy performer hailing from Scotland, who has supported artists such as Martha Wainwright and Steve Earle. She also (fun fact) happens to be the eldest daughter of Craig Reid, from the iconic Scottish duo The Proclaimers!

Our Content Producer, Jenny Lascelles says “we’re really happy to have Roseanne on board, she’s written such a beautiful and thoughtful song and conjured up some really evocative imagery – we can’t wait to share the song with everyone.”

New song, new theme

The theme this year echoes this year’s song title.

I belong digs deep into something every child and young person yearns for – a sense of belonging and connection. Research shows that singing together creates a strong sense of community and social inclusion. It also enhances the possibilities of empathic relationships and generates a positive group identity. This Sing Up Day will offer a chance for young voices to ring out in a powerful affirmation of acceptance and community.

Roseanne says “the inspiration for the song really comes from a place of knowing that in this big wide world, there's a place for everyone. There's always a space for you and what you have to offer the world because every single person is totally unique. And the world needs that, you know, the world needs diversity, and variety.”

Why schools and choirs should get involved:

  1. Foster connection and community: I belong is a song of unity and togetherness, perfect for building a sense of connection among young singers through one of the most connecting activities there is – singing!
  2. Spark joy: enjoy the powerful mood-boosting effects of singing with the added bonus of an uplifting message. Celebrating Wellbeing Week in June? We’ve got you covered.
  3. Be part of a global event: your choir will join a worldwide chorus celebrating children's voices and empowerment. You’ll also get the chance to be part of our Digichoir.
  4. It's easy and fun: access to simple-to-use resources and support makes involvement both enriching and stress-free. You don’t need to be an expert to get your groups involved.
  5. It’s free: you don’t need anything except a free Friend login to get involved – plus you’ll have the opportunity to explore lots of other resources with your free account.


Want to get involved?

Resources will be available from the end of March, in the meantime you can get a head-start by registering as a Friend and joining our mailing list for updates.

Keep an eye out on our social media as we’ll also be posting updates and exciting behind-the-scenes content there.

Got anything you or your class would like to ask Roseanne? Submit your questions here. We’ll select the best and include them in a special Q&A along with the name of your school or choir.