Recorded Media Policy

1. Introduction

Sing Up Group Ltd (“Sing Up”, "us", "we", "our"), which includes the company Sing Up as well as the charity Sing Up Foundation, is committed to protecting the privacy of children, students, or anyone we work with, and maintaining the security of any personal information received. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the United Kingdom and the EEA.

The purpose of this statement is to explain the practices by which Sing Up and its partners adhere to when taking, using, or storing recorded media, which may include but is not limited to photographs, video recordings, voice recordings created using devices such as cameras, video cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

This statement should be used in conjunction with Sing Up’s Privacy Notice, which will further elaborate which personal information we may collect, retain, process, share, and transfer, as well as Sing Up’s security standards in terms of processing and storing data.

2. Recording Media

Sing Up provides organisations, schools, teachers, and vocal leaders with a wide range of musical, educational and training resources to ensure that all children and young people have regular access to high-quality singing activities. The production and promotion of our work often requires us to use recorded media.

Media recorded by Sing Up, or by a third party working on behalf of Sing Up, are concentrating exclusively on capturing children or adults participating in or sharing knowledge and experience of music or singing. We will ensure that children or adults are appropriately dressed and are not participating in activities that might cause embarrassment, vulnerability, or bring the individuals or the organisations involved into disrepute. Examples of media recorded, used, or shared by Sing Up can be found on as well as

If a third party working on behalf of Sing Up is taking or processing media, Sing Up will assess that this third party complies with high levels of confidentiality and best practice in privacy and security standards, especially in relation to children.

When recording media, approved business equipment will be used wherever possible. If it is necessary to use non-business equipment, such as a personal mobile phone, video camera, etc. the media will be handed to Sing Up at the earliest opportunity and securely deleted from the personal device instantly.

3. Usage and sharing

Media taken by or for Sing Up may be used by Sing Up with no time limit. However, the majority of recorded media is usually used for about five years.

Recorded media is used in a range of Sing Up’s materials which includes, but is not limited to, Sing Up’s websites, Sing Up print publishing material, training videos, webinars, podcasts, advertisements and other publicity materials such as leaflets, brochures, posters, newspaper and magazine articles.

When a child is featured in any of the above publications, to protect the child’s identity, the use of information will be avoided which can identify the child in relation to the published media, such as full name, hobby, school name, etc.

Sing Up may contract a third party to take and process media.

Sing Up may share media taken with trusted third parties for the purpose of image processing. These may include information management applications, e.g. data storage provider, image processing applications.

Sing Up may share media taken with other trusted third parties, such as but not limited to news agencies, blogs, online or physical magazine providers. Media shared with these third parties will be shared in relation to content provided by or relating to Sing Up, and that is approved by Sing Up. Sing Up will only share media required for a particular purpose. The third party may not share the media provided with any other third party or use the media for any other purpose than stated.

Media shared with any third party by Sing Up will be deleted or anonymised in accordance to section 4 of this policy, or when Sing Up stop using the third party service to the extent permissible by applicable law.

4. Copyright and Contributor Consent, Release & Assignment

The copyright of any media and any subsequent intellectual property which arises from it will belong to Sing Up.

All participants are required to complete and return to Sing Up a signed Contributor Consent, Release & Assignment Form (Minor Contributor) (the “Agreement”).

When media is taken in collaboration with a participant’s school or organisation, Sing Up and the school or organisation are working closely together in obtaining the Agreement from the adult participant or the parent or guardian of the child prior of the media being taken. Any Agreement distributed and received will be kept safe by Sing Up.

Where a signed Agreement has not been provided, when media is taken it will be ensured sensitively that affected individuals do not appear in any media taken.

The Agreement or any queries can be submitted by email to [email protected] or by post to the address stated in section 7.

5. Recorded media shared with Sing Up

Occasionally, Sing Up will receive media from schools, organisations, or individuals, capturing children or adults participating in or sharing knowledge and experience of music or singing (“third party content”). Before publishing or sharing such media, Sing Up ensures to check appropriate consent has been provided by the participants or their parent or guardian. Copyright of third party content and any subsequent intellectual property which arises from them will belong to the third party. Sing Up will comply with any changes to consent without delay after notification is received.

6. Changes and Updates

The published date (“Last Updated Date”) states when the policy was last modified. Our policy may change from time to time and we advise that you review this policy regularly. Any updates will be posted on this page and will be effective as of the Last Updated Date.

7. Queries

Sing Up is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee. Company number: 10201901.

Our registered office is at Sing Up Group Limited, Gateshead International Business Centre, Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, NE8 1AN, United Kingdom.

If, at any time, you would like to contact us about our media and/or privacy practices, or how we handle your data, please feel free to write to our registered office via post or email us at [email protected].

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