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Frequently asked questions about Membership

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How long is a Membership period?

The standard Sing Up Membership period is 12 months and needs to be renewed annually. Any users connected to your Membership can check the expiry date in their Account area at any time.

Are Membership renewals automated?

Membership will not be renewed automatically, but anyone connected to your Membership account can choose to renew as early as 3 months before the Membership is due to expire.

How are Membership prices determined?

Sing Up is committed to ensuring fair pricing for Membership packages. We base our prices on average usage data collated and compared annually, and on school size. This means that larger schools with anticipated higher levels of usage pay more than smaller schools who typically have smaller budgets and use less content over a 12 month period.

Membership fees pay for royalties due to songwriters, composers, arrangers and performers – we believe in supporting these musicians and in turn, they support the music education of children and young people by working with Sing Up. In addition, £5 from every Membership sold is donated to the Sing Up Foundation to support young people’s mental health and well-being. The rest goes back into the business to enable us to continue adding new content and improving the resources and website for our Members.

How quickly can I access the Membership?

You will have full access to your Membership benefits, as soon as payment for Membership has been received for your order.

Payment for Membership during the ordering process will provide you with immediate access to all Membership benefits. If you prefer to be invoiced, we accept payment via BACS, cheque (UK/Ireland customers only), or over the phone and your Membership will be activated as soon as payment has been received.

How can I join an existing Membership account?

If you are not yet registered with Sing Up and would like to connect to a existing school or organisation Membership, use the above Membership Checker. Once you created your Sing Up account, you will be taken through the Membership search and will be able to select your school or organisation from a list, sending a join request to the Membership admin. As soon as approved, you will have full access to the Membership.

If you are already registered with Sing Up, login, go to your Account area and submit your school's or organisation’s postcode there to start the Membership search.

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