Online Training

Online Training

Join in one of our free training sessions with our Head of Learning, Shelly Ambury and our Partner Manager, Sharon Durant. These relaxed sessions will be tailored to the needs of the participants, with plenty of hints and tips for getting the most out of Sing Up. Take a tour of the resources and ask any questions you may have. All online, 4 - 5pm.

Primary and secondary

Wednesday 18th October & Thursday 16th November 2023
Sing Up wellbeing: Maintaining good vocal health
Good vocal health is important for all voice users, especially teachers. Everyone can avoid problems by being aware of, and avoiding, the sort of things that are potentially harmful to their voices. In this session, we will highlight the main causes of voice problems for teachers and explore ways to minimise or eliminate them, allowing you to head off small problems before they become big ones. The session will include practical breathing, postural and vocal exercises for tip top vocal health.
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Additional spaces for this previously sold out session have been made available. If you experience any issues with your booking, please call +44 204 566 9666, or contact [email protected].

Primary focus events

Wednesday 13th September 2023
Sing Up resources: Drop-in session

This is a free, relaxed drop-in session to find out how to put Sing Up primary school resources into practice in your setting. Take a tour of the website and ask any questions you may have about getting the most out of Sing Up.

Thursday 14th September 2023
Sing Up Music: How to get the most from our primary music curriculum

Shelly Ambury, Head of Learning at Sing Up, will guide you through Sing Up Music and show you all the assets which will help you deliver a fun, practical music curriculum from Early Years up to Year 6, which progresses and assesses students’ musical skills and understanding whilst fulfilling the criteria for the Model Music Curriculum and National Curriculum for music

Thursday 21st & Wednesday 27th September 2023
Sing Up teachers: Top tips for new Music Leads

Led by Sarah Wise, an experienced curriculum lead with a reputation for clear thinking and practical advice, this session will be full of Sarah’s top tips to guide new music leads through the ‘need to knows’ and the ‘need to dos’. Bring a cuppa, something to doodle on and your questions – together we got this!

Thursday 28th September 2023
Sing Up wellbeing: Responsive classrooms

In this session we will explore musical games and exercises which can be used to influence the mood in your classroom; breathing exercises to help calm and self-regulate, movement sequences for focus, warm up games to energise. We will look at Sing Up’s playlists of songs about resilience and self esteem and share ideas to encourage youth leadership within your groups.

Primary non-specialists

Getting Started: A series of three ‘how to’ CPD sessions aimed at non-music specialists

Wednesday 20th & Tuesday 26th September 2023
1.  Teaching the elements of music

This will be an informative, but relaxed session which looks at the interrelated dimensions of music and how to understand and teach them in an engaging and hands-on way: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
2.  Leading musical activities

Together, we will explore the different aspects and skills involved in leading high quality musical activities with young people, equipping you with a range of practical ideas to try out at school.
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Tuesday 21st November 2023
3.  Understanding the basics: beat, rhythm & pitch

Build your confidence in using and understanding these musical elements. Using ideas from our Developing Musicianship Toolkit, we will explore beat, rhythm and pitch together in a ‘sound before symbol’, practical way so you can feel confident about teaching and developing these building blocks of music.
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Meet the presenters

Shelly Ambury
Shelly Ambury
… is Sing Up’s Head of Learning and leads Sing Up’s content strategy and resource development. Shelly has 30+ years experience in music and music education - as a singer, choir leader, teacher, trainer, content creator and presenter. As an educator she has taught Music and Music Technology to A Level and has a passionate interest in teaching approaches. She is an advocate of free music education for all. Click to see Shelly teach the song, 'Mama don't allow'.
Sharon Durant
Sharon Durant
... is a musician, composer, choir leader and ex-science teacher. She has facilitated music making with all ages from EYFS to adults with dementia and worked for a variety of organisations like Musical Futures, Music in Hospitals and Care, British Council World Voice Project, Sage Gateshead Learning and Participation, Voice Project and Royal Opera House Create and Sing. Click to see Sharon teaching the song, 'In Flanders Fields'.
Sarah Wise
Sarah Wise
... began her career teaching English and mentoring NQTs in Sussex and Northamptonshire schools. After enrolling in the Voices Foundation methodology course and learning about Kodaly-inspired music education, she spent over 10 years as a curriculum music teacher for Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) where she recently led on development of their Early Years and KS1 offer. Sarah has also worked as a Primary Music Specialist for the award winning David Ross Education Trust (DRET) Music team. This year, Sarah accepted an Assistant Lecturer position in primary education at the University of Northampton.
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