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Song Bank

“The Song Bank is fantastic. It is up to date and has songs to support every area of the curriculum with every age group.”

Find exactly the song you need in Sing Up’s vast Song Bank. Search by age, style, theme, scoring or music topic, or browse our Top Tens and playlists for ideas.

Songs have notation (to view online, download and print), audio tracks (to stream or download) and teaching notes providing you with expert guidance and advice.

“Love the variety, love the professional backing tracks, love the ease of finding resources.”





Interactive notation display

“I love the fact that the music is available on screen. It helps the children become more confident with notation while singing."

Our Whiteboard Mode shows scrolling notation and lyrics, synced with audio tracks.

Other features include the ability to adjust a song's key and tempo and view different visualisations including a keyboard, waveform and mixer where you can solo and mute audio tracks and select notated parts to view.

Music Curriculum

“ a different league to anything else… an amazing resource…”

Sing Up's primary music curriculum supports you to deliver high-quality classroom music right across the primary school.

Our resources for nursery to Year 6 support a creative and active musical approach to lessons, connecting singing and playing, composing and improvising, listening and appraising. Sing Up Music is accessible for all those teaching music in primary settings, and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and approaches of the Model Music Curriculum. Learn more.



BRAND NEW: Student Access

Provide your students access to Sing Up resources anywhere they are. Set them tasks and activities, give them access to songs and resources and check they’ve completed the activity by the due date, all aiming to help your students develop their independent musical learning. Learn more.

Recovery Curriculum

"A definite way of building confidence and improving self esteem."

Sing Up's Recovery Curriculum helps schools address the key themes and losses caused by the pandemic: routine, structure, friendship, opportunity, and freedom.

Use our songs, resources, videos and ideas to underpin your teaching and enrich children's learning experiences and wellbeing.

"Singing has brought a huge sense of community."





Songs and resources for everyday singing

"Brilliantly organised resources to help cover key events in the school calendar and topics within the curriculum."

Sing your way through the school day. Punctuate your routines like lining up, circle time and taking the register, with singing.

Have fun with singing games in the playground, dive into a STEM, history or literacy topic with a song, or try out our song teaching videos with pupils.

"Songs are carefully composed to help develop and stretch those who are feeling more ambitious."

Songs for choirs

"A huge resource of songs, all in keys that are perfect for children's voices."

You'll find songs for all kinds of choirs from very young beginners to chamber choirs and a cappella groups. You can search for choir songs by style, age, scoring and you can preview scores and audio tracks too.

Songs include practice tools such as rehearsal and backing tracks, a range of scores, teaching notes and scrolling notation. Plus, you can either use our playlists for ideas, or create your own.





Assembly plans and songs

"Sing Up has a huge database of varied songs for all occasions making it easy to plan class assemblies and celebrations throughout the year."

Sing Up's songs will help you explore assembly themes and values such as friendship, resilience, kindness, responsibility, respect, gratitude and tolerance, as well as the school calendar fixtures like Harvest and Christmas.

Professional development

"Teachers are more confident using notation and instruments with the children. They have become more confident with music in class which in turn has allowed the children more opportunities."

For the last 12 years, Sing Up has worked with industry leading professionals to better understand the effects that singing has on young people, and the best ways to include singing in education.

Keep up with the latest research, advice, and updates to get the most out of the resources included in your Sing Up Membership and support your school with new and exciting educational techniques.



'Sing Up is the only resource that offers such a wealth of content.'

Amanda Groves
Amanda Groves
Music Leader

And more...

Sing Up is ever growing and expanding. As part of your Membership, you will receive new content tailored for you from our Learning Team throughout the year. Share your singing with the world in our annual Sing Up Day celebration and benefit from access to content from our partners, plus the opportunity to engage with a community of educators and singers.

'I wouldn't be able to do my job without Sing Up. The backing tracks are just so good. I don't think I could get through a day without it.'

RPS Making Music Smart Teacher 2017 Teacher 2018 Besa Music & Drama Education Awards Music & Drama Education Awards 2023 Finalist