Sing Up at Home

Sing Up at Home

Sing along - at home, at school, wherever you are

Explore all our free resources below or in this handy A-Z list to keep kids learning and singing outside of school. Feel free to add these pages to your school's website or VLE and encourage families to visit too.


Using songs and singing safely

Keep singing with these creative ideas

Back to school, back to singing

Up-to-date guidance about managing coronavirus risks when singing


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Song videos

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One moment, one people
One moment, one people
This song is about working together and making positive connections with each other.
The bare necessities
The bare necessities
A great new arrangement of an Oscar-nominated Disney favourite that will entertain old and new fans alike.
Wiggle jiggle
Wiggle jiggle
Wake up, shake up, and welcome in the new day with this funky warm-up.



Silly stuff

Bring out your silly side

Relaxing / soothing

Songs to calm and settle

Songs to get moving

Fun action songs

Empowering / inspiring

Songs to lift you up

Songs and activities for learning about topics

Ages 4 - 7
Ages 4 - 7
EYFS and KS1
Ages 7 - 11
Ages 7 - 11
Ages 11 - 16
Ages 11 - 16
KS3 and 4

Songs for virtual choirs




Unison songs


Songs in parts


Sing Up Day songs

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