Wiggle jiggle
Wake up, shake up, and welcome in the new day with this funky warm-up.
Learn the song with Emily Barden

Singer songwriter Emily Barden teaches you how to sing and do the body percussion for this fun new warm up






Activity ideas based around the song

Learn the song
Get as many people joining in as possible. It’s a great way to start the day and get the positive vibes going. Watch the teaching video or listen to it few times and join in as you pick it up. Follow all of the instructions including 'give yourself a shake to feel awake' and 'feet flat on the floor, reach your hands up to the sky' and making sure your facial expressions (BIG face, little face) are as exaggerated as possible! 

Try the body percussion 
Watch the video of Emily Barden teaching the body percussion and have a go yourselves. Here are the directions: Step forward with the left foot (a small stamp) and clap above your head to the left. Then step forward with the right foot and clap your hands above your head to the right. Next stamp with the left foot again and clap down by your left knee, then stamp with the right foot and clap your hands by your right knee. Next, tap your chest 3 times with your hand (right, left, right) then repeat. Follow this with a right foot stamp and 6 claps in an arc/ rainbow shape, going from your right side to your left side. Include the body percussion towards the end of the song in the repeated 'sing, sing, sing, section' (after the lyrics; 'thank the crowd, take the applause'). You could try singing and body percussion at the same time or alternate, taking it in turns with other family members to sing and play. 

Brush up on your maths
This is a great opportunity to become familiar with positional language. Reach UP, shoulders DOWN, feet flat ON the floor etc. Use the song as a chance to get to know your left and your right as you learn the body percussion moves. Is everyone together on the correct hand/foot?


Keep fit
It’s an upbeat song all about the benefits of being active and getting moving. Time yourself: how many times can you do a certain move in 1 minute? i.e. jumps, rotations whilst wiggling, skips, hops, star jumps etc. Why not have a competition with someone at home and how about trying to improve on your score tomorrow?

Make up your own dance routine. Take inspiration from the song lyrics such as clap [your] hands, stamp your feet, click your fingers to the beat, shimmy back and forwards. Then create some individual moves and use the backing track to accompany you. 

Show time
Make a performance of it. Find or make some costumes, include your best dance moves, challenge some family members to a solo and include the body percussion. Record your performance for family and friends, then share and tag us on Facebook (SingUpFanPage) or Twitter (@singuptweets). Remember the lyrics 'like you’re a star, now take a bow' and do a curtain call as your audience give you a rousing clap and a standing ovation. As the song suggests 'thank the crowd, take the applause'. 

Welcome in this day 
As a family what are the things that make you happy? Create a collage, paint or draw a poster or list these things and then try and do one of these 'happy' things each day. Include a range of activities: some physical, others creative, some fun etc. Whether it’s hula hooping round your home, reading your favourite book in the sunshine, dancing in the kitchen or playing a board game, do whatever makes you smile to welcome in the new day. 

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