Going places
A super catchy song about being on a journey. Perfect for leavers’ assemblies!
Learn the song with Charlotte Law

Learn this super catchy song perfect for leavers' celebrations






Activity ideas based around the song

Pupil activities

Envelope of kindness 
Take some time to think about each person in your class and what you know about them. Write a short, positive statement about each one, this could be a good luck message, a memory, good wishes, an attribute (e.g. kind, funny etc). Remember that everyone in the class will be doing this for you too so it’s important to be generous in your comment.

Create a poem, a piece of writing, a sketch, an artwork, a dance routine….. etc!
Use the theme of Leavers as the inspiration for a poem, speech, artwork etc. Think about

  • Your friends
  • Your teachers
  • School lunches
  • Trips you’ve been on
  • What you’ve learnt
  • What you’re looking forward to in the future 

Pick one, or several, to base your creation on.

You might do this on your own (if you’re at home) or with friends (if you are at school). Then ask a teacher or parent to video record your work (it’s important that you appear in the video). For example:

  • Read your poem or piece of writing
  • Talk about your picture and what it represents
  • Perform your song, sketch or dance


Time capsule
Create a time capsule using a small box or container and a selection of mementos from your school year. What will you pick? Ideas: A photo of a school trip, pieces of work, a note from a friend, a handprint, a photo of you and your friends, some art work, a poem and a form with personal information on, like: My teacher is…, My friends are…, My favourite things are…, My best memory from school is…, When I grow up I want to be…

Write to the future you
Write a letter to your future self then seal it in an envelope and write a date in the future on it – maybe one year on, or perhaps longer – you decide. What have you learnt from your time at school that you would like to be lasting memories? Usually advice is given from an older person to a younger one, but in this case what advice would you give to an older you? Draw a quick sketch of what you think you’ll look like in future years.

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