Part songs for choirs

Ain't gonna let nobody | Lyrics
Wow your audience with this hip-hop inspired arrangement of a traditional spiritual.

Great day | Lyrics
A great song to put you in the mood for a great day!

Oleo | Lyrics
A beautiful traditional Ghanaian song – a simple structure with rich textures that make this piece deeply satisfying to sing.

Raise my voice | Lyrics
This feel-good number is our special commission, written by Carrie and David Grant. It will be a real hit with the kids, encouraging them to ‘raise their voices’ not only in song but also to express their feelings and aspirations.

Something inside (so strong) | Lyrics
This song was written by Labi Siffre as a reaction to an incident in South Africa in 1985. It became adopted as an anti-Apartheid anthem with a strong message to encourage people to stand up for their rights. Older singers who enjoy a real challenge will relish this song and give it a well-deserved gospel rendition.


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