Using Sing Up resources with students at home

If your school is a Sing Up Member, you can use the Sing Up website and Member resources in the usual way. You might be interested in reading our blog article about easy ways to build singing into everyday activities at home.

Members are also invited to make full use of our newly launched Sing Up at Home area.

When using any Sing Up resources, which are not within Sing Up at Home:

  • YOU MAY share written Sing Up resources (except lyrics or sheet music) via email or VLE or school intranet
  • YOU MAY use ‘live’ performances (e.g. on Zoom or Facebook Live) to teach any song in the Song Bank or run online singing lessons and/or activities
  • YOU MAY record video or audio of your own performances of any song in the Song Bank with the intention of hosting your own recordings on platforms with licences for music content sharing. These include for instance YouTube and Instagram. Before uploading and sharing your recordings, we advise to check the Terms & Conditions and uploading policies of any third-party platform or website – it is your responsibility to make sure you comply. If you are intending to share your video or audio recording on platforms or websites without licences for music content sharing (or if you are unsure whether the site has a licence) we recommend contacting PRS for Music for advice. You may also find useful.
  • YOU MAY NOT download and share sheet music, lyrics and audio tracks without our prior permission. Please contact us if you have any requests about using specific songs. This is to protect the rights of composers and lyricists.
  • YOU MAY NOT share logins to your Membership account with anyone. Please refer to the full Sing Up Terms and Conditions.

Don’t forget:

  • has lots of helpful advice and guidance on issues of copyright, not just music resources
  • You should still be reporting any eligible uses of music to the relevant licensing schemes e.g. CCLI and SPML.

If your school is not yet a Sing Up Member, you are invited to use our newly launched Sing Up at Home area. This dedicated and free-of-charge area, contains a wide variety of songs and resources to help support curriculum and subject learning, to support pupils’ wellbeing, and to enjoy singing for fun. It’s very suitable for home schooling purposes and can be shared via a link on your school’s VLE or intranet. We will continue to add more resources regularly over the coming weeks, so stay informed by signing up to updates.

Parents, pupils and families, anyone can access and use everything within Sing Up at Home, so pupils and families are able to use these resources at home. We will continue to add more resources regularly over the coming weeks, so stay informed by signing up to updates.


If you are interested in having the benefits of full Sing Up Membership, find out everything about our Membership options.

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I do not receive the verification email or any other emails about my account from Sing Up

Upon creating a Sing Up account successfully, the verification email. or other account related emails, such as the welcome email, will be sent right away to the registered email address.

Should the emails not arrive, it is likely that the email provider or network is blocking emails from Sing Up and you can:

  • Double-check your registered email address within your Sing Up account settings
  • Check your spam/junk folder
  • Add Sing Up to your ‘save senders’ list
  • Speak to your IT co-ordinator about setting your school network to allow all content from as well as

Still experiencing difficulties? - Our friendly Support Team is here to help.

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