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9th Aug 2019

Liz Pichon's top tips for storytelling

Inspire your class with these neat ideas from the Tom Gates book series author – and Tom Gates himself

Sing Up
Liz Pichon's top tips for storytelling
  1. Just GET started, don't wait for inspiration - just write something.
  2. Get to the END of your story - no matter how long it takes.
  3. Keep a diary or notebook and write down anything you see or hear that you think is interesting, funny, bits of dialogue, something your friend told you.
  4. Write about something you are interested in, if you're not interested then why would a reader be?

To get your creativity flowing, here's an interview with Tom Gates himself.

Tom Gates talks music, inspiration and snacks...

Q. Tom, where did the inspiration for The cat song (featured on the Song Bank) come from?
A. It came from a CAT walking across the garden. I'm not allowed a pet (thanks to DELIA being allergic to them) so it was Derek who saw a cat from the window and wrote a very good song.

Q. What is your advice for anyone who wants to learn how to play and sing the song?
A. Check out the Tom Gates app! You can learn all my songs from there and just have a go and keep practicing with nice snacks.

Q. What would you say are DogZombies' musical influences?
A. Crisps and caramel wafers are a big influence and always help us to practise but DUDE3 are our favourite band EVER.

Q. If DogZombies went on tour, what would be on your Top 5 tour bus playlist?
A. We will rock you by Queen Wild thing by The Trogs Shout it out by Dude3 (of course)

Q. And would DogZombies demand a tour rider?!
A. Caramel wafers (of course) but not too many for Norman though. Bananas as well - you can do doodles on them as you go.

Q. Do you have any tips on how to start writing a song?
A. Make sure you have lots of good snacks available. Having a grumpy teenage sister can be quite a good source of inspiration too.