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9th Aug 2019

How to write a rap

Lyricist Fred Phethean gives you his top tips on writing raps!

Sing Up
How to write a rap

To start writing a rap, it can help to revise rhyming couplets. You may want to take an existing rap song – a simple one will work best, take a look at Le rap des couleurs in the Song Bank – and discuss where the rhyme falls in relation to the beat.

Next, decide on a theme and ask the children to list words they associate with it. Go through the list and think up rhymes for each word. You may already have pupils offering up ideas for lines – if you do then go with it!

Write one couplet at a time; it works well if your theme-specific word falls at the end of the couplet or is the ‘punch line’:

1 2 3 4
‘Everybody's happy, we're having lots of  fun
   1 2 3 4
today we're gonna write a rap all about the sun!’

Don’t commit anything to the board or paper until you are all happy that it fits over the beat correctly.

In order to ensure good levels of engagement, be wholehearted and excited – this helps enthusiasm levels and makes groups feel more comfortable!

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