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20th Mar 2017

Sing Up Day at North Lakes School

A 'singathon' to celebrate the tradition of singing at this Platinum Award school

Sing Up
Sing Up Day at North Lakes School

In the run up to Sing Up Day, we'll be sharing stories from some of the schools and organisations taking part. Find out why singing is so important to them.

North Lakes School – a Sing Up Platinum Award holder since 2010 – are experts at using singing as a part of unique and memorable events. That's why we weren't surprised to learn that they were doing something extra special on Sing Up Day this year! North Lakes will be running a sponsored singathon on 22nd March, giving their pupils a chance to shine, and sponsors a chance to hear their favourite songs. We asked Martyn Soulsby from North Lakes' Leadership Team to tell us more.

'Our Sing Up Day will start with a special warm up, then every lesson will start with a song. There will be singing on the bus to school, lunch time, on the yard – basically everywhere!

Our day will then climax with a special sponsored singathon to raise money for school funds. Children will collect sponsors or anyone (and we are appealing far and wide) can give a donation to the school and we will dedicate a song!

We are inviting parents and our school community to this celebration. We will also be announcing this year’s Singing Leaders during the event. Every child’s sponsor form will also be entered into a special draw.'


Are you taking part in Sing Up Day? Send you story to [email protected].