Sing Up Music

Sing Up Music

Primary Music Curriculum

Sing Up's primary music curriculum supports you to deliver high-quality classroom music right across the primary school.

Our resources support a creative and active musical approach to lessons, connecting singing and playing, composing and improvising, listening and appraising. Sing Up Music is accessible for all those teaching and delivering music in primary settings.

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Introducing Sing Up Music, our primary music curriculum

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Mapped against the curriculum

Each unit is mapped against the Statutory Framework for Early Years, the National Curriculum and Model Music Curriculum, with an at-a-glance overview of how outcomes can be delivered for every year group.

Sing Up Music includes everything you need for an OFSTED deep dive. To highlight your curriculum intention, you’ll find a one-year programme by year group, as well as a two-year programme for mixed-age groups.

Ready-made PowerPoint presentations

Sing Up Music units come with pupil-facing, customisable PowerPoint presentations, featuring audio, video clips and all the teaching information you need for classroom delivery.

Our ambitious resources, which save time for teachers and are fun and engaging for pupils, will enable you to implement Sing Up Music with ease.

Musical development

The development of musicianship skills is embedded into every unit, with a progression activity embedded in three units of work across the year for each year group. Every term, the activity develops, affording the opportunity to capture video evidence of pupil progress, demonstrating the impact of your curriculum and teaching.

Variety and breadth

Specialist input from a diverse range of educators, including composers, early years specialists and outstanding classroom practitioners, means the subject content is musical and engaging.

Pupils will sing, listen and compose, as well as playing ukulele and tuned percussion instruments while covering music from different musical traditions, cultures and historical periods.

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