Student Area

Student Area

Everything you need to know about our brand new Student Area

Brand New
Student Area now available with School Membership

Provide your students access to Sing Up resources anywhere they are. Set them tasks and activities, give them access to songs and resources and check they’ve completed the activity by the due date, all aiming to help your students develop their independent musical learning.

Here's how to get started...

Set up your groups and student logins

  • Check you have 'Students & Groups Manager' permissions.
  • Assign a login to each of your students within the Students section in your Account area.
  • Set up groups or classes and attach students and colleagues to them.
  • Share your school's specific student login page URL with your students and give them their login details.

Create and assign activities or tasks

  • Give your activity a name, leader, description and due date.
  • Assign your activity to one of your groups or classes.
  • Include links within your activities to content and resources such as...
    • Sing Up Song Bank songs – select one or multiple.
    • Your or your colleagues' playlists – select one or multiple.
    • Attachments – upload your own files.
    • Other resource – link to any other useful resources and websites.

What your students can do

  • Once you publish your activities, your students can see them on login from anywhere they are.
  • Your students can select an activity, look up the detail, interact with the resources, and mark it as complete.
  • They will be able to stream any of the song tracks, use our interactive whiteboard, watch the videos, and much more.
  • You can even track their progress on each activity record.

We are constantly improving functionality for our Members to make every day tasks easier and we're planning to add a lot of exciting functionality throughout the Autumn term especially. We hope that you are enjoying the new Student Area and bear with us while we make it even better.

Data protection and Age Appropriate Design Code

You should consider data protection regulations in your country (in the UK this includes the Age Appropriate Design Code, among other regulations) and your internal processes, before adding your students' data as data controller to Sing Up.

We support our Members in providing student access to Sing Up resources by assessing our platform and our own practices against the requirements of the standards of the ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code. We are satisfied we meet those stringent standards for the protection of children online.

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