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6th Aug 2019

How to sing in a 'classical' style

Want to sing classical? Joanna Forbes L’Estrange explains how…

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How to sing in a 'classical' style

The key features of a 'classical' singing style

Unlike in a 'pop' singing style, the words are still important but it's generally not stylistic for singers to add their own inflections etc. In Baroque arias there's opportunity for embellishment, and in opera there's huge scope for expression. But, unlike pop, most of what you need to do is written out on the music and less stylistic interpretation is required.

Generally vowels can be longer and consonants shorter than in pop - and classical diction needs to be very clear ie. with end consonants audible.

The vocal range of classical music tends to be wider than in pop songs - so mostly you sing in your upper register rather than your 'speech quality' voice.

'Vibrato' is usually appropriate in classical singing style - although the amount used depends on the style of the music.

Bryn Terfel is brilliant. There's something about the way he sings that is so full and rounded, but at the same time gets you right in the heart. He epitomises great classical singing.


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