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15th Nov 2017

VIDEO: SUHotTopics: How to develop musical learning across your school

Watch the full video from our Facebook Live stream with experts Dr Ally Daubney and Catherine Andrews

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VIDEO: SUHotTopics: How to develop musical learning across your school

In November 2017 we ran a Facebook Live Q&A event on an important topic for anyone looking to improve the music in their primary school: how to improve musical learning for 4-11 year olds.

Dr Ally Daubney - author of the Primary Music Toolkit and Performance anxiety: a practical guide for music teachers - and primary music teacher at Highfields  Schools Catherine Andrews sat down with Sing Up's Head of Learning Shelly Ambury for an hour to talk about the different approaches to getting started with singing and musical development across a primary school.

We started with the aspirations you might have for your school, moved on to techniques to help you get started, and finished with tips for progression along with audience questions.


Don't forget to try out the singing chapter of the Primary Music Toolkit to help you get started with developing musical learning in your own school.

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