Songs to get moving

Fun action songs

Baby one, two, three | Lyrics
A laid back, jazzy song involving the body from head to toe.

Big Sing Up mambo | Lyrics
A chant to use as a warm-up or 5-minute ‘fillers’. Great for adding body percussion to.

Bungalow | Lyrics
A fun dance game for the whole family.

Can't stop the feeling ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
An upbeat dance song filled with energy and positivity.

Dabbling ducks (All the little ducks turn upside down) ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
Have a quacking time with this lovely action song

Hey, my name is Joe (Button factory) ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
A fantastically funny action song.  

Shake my sillies out ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
A song to banish the fidgets and wake everyone up!

The bare necessities​​​​​​​| Lyrics​​​​​​​
A great new arrangement of an Oscar-nominated Disney favourite that will entertain old and new fans alike.

The transport song ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
Jet, set, go with this fun song featuring different modes of transport.

Tony Chestnut ​​​​​​​| Lyrics
A fun song that gets children moving, this simple chant is a great alternative to Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

Wiggle jiggle ​​​​​​​| Lyrics​​​​​​​
A brand new catchy warm up song by Emily Barden.

Activities to try

Wiggle jiggle
Wiggle jiggle
Shake my sillies out
Shake my sillies out

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