18th Feb 2019

Getting the most out of Sing Up Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate singing on 13 March. Here’s how you can get everyone involved.

Sing Up

This year we’d love to see even more singers than ever getting involved in Sing Up Day on 13 March. It's never too late to join in, so help you get everyone in your school singing, here are some tips on how to use the song and resources to your advantage, and use the celebration as a catalyst for more interest in Music Education from your staff and pupils.

How to get involved

Take advantage of the Sing Up Day resources

If you haven’t already, download this year’s anthem One moment, one people. As well as the song, be sure to use the lyric video, Assembly Plan and Vocal Leader Pack and Pupil Pack. Whatever your setting, get advice on teaching and performing the song plus ideas for creating a great singing celebration.

Learn the song

Once you’ve downloaded the song, schedule in some staff meeting time to familiarise everyone with the song and demonstrate teaching techniques. Use the Teaching Guide (available on the song's page) to introduce it to your pupils. Start teaching the song in assemblies and in your classrooms and practise throughout the term. You could introduce the harmonies in your choir sessions or teach them to your older pupils.

Try different methods to teach the song

Start by getting everyone familiar with the song by playing it during transitions, as pupils enter/exit assembly, get changed for PE, have indoor play, etc. Teach the song from the lyric video for a more visual aid. Take a look at our Facebook Live event to get more hints and tips from the songwriter.

Get everyone involved

Celebrate Sing Up Day by getting as many people involved as possible – including nurseries through to secondaries, local care homes, parents and governors, music hubs… think beyond your school walls. Can the local scouting/guiding groups learn it? What about a staff rendition of the song for pupils? Try teaching or recommending it to a choir you’re a member of – the song works equally well with mixed and upper voices.

Teach the song as part of your Music Curriculum

The song (based on the chords of D, Em, G and A) could be used for whole class work-shopping with instruments and voices. Create new arrangements exploring the song's bass line, harmonies and structure. With secondary aged pupils (11 - 16), bring together GCSE and BTEC performing arts groups to create joint performances, or better still take some confident singers to a local primary school and teach the song to year 5 or 6 pupils.

How to take part

Most importantly, sing as much as possible on 13 March. Have fun with it, have singing assemblies or playground events, get everyone singing in the classroom, or whatever you feel will go down well in your setting. Celebrate how it feels when everyone sings together, no one is excluded from the activity, and celebrate the value that musical participation can bring to your school.

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  2. Once you're able to log in, head to our Sing Up Day area where you can download the Sing Up Day song.
  3. Let us know you are joining us by adding your event to our map. Don't forget to head to the resources page to get your free copy of the Vocal Leader Pack, Pupil Pack, access the Sing Up Day playlist and more.
  4. You can keep us up to date on your activities before and on the day - tag @SingUpTweets and #SingUpDay on Twitter.

If you have the permission to film your pupils, then we'd love for you to take part in our annual Digichoir. Send us a video of your singers performing One moment, one people plus a consent form to [email protected] - full information on our Sing Up Day resources page. Below is last year's video for inspiration.