29th Jan 2018

Sing Up Day is for everyone

How to use this year's song and teaching resources to join the global singing community, whatever your setting or age

Sing Up

Sing Up Day – happening on 14 March – is the most musical day of the year, with singers of all ages from all around the world joining in. This year’s Sing Up Day theme is being the change that we want to see, and the difference that we can make when we start thinking about taking care of everyone locally and globally. That’s why we’d love to see more singers than ever getting involved. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Take advantage of the Sing Up Day resources

If you haven’t already, download this year’s anthem, Be the change. Then, login as a Member or free Friend to access:

  • Vocal Leader Pack (which includes an Assembly Plan, choreography and instrumental ideas, and more)
  • Pupil Pack for 4-11 year olds
  • Lyric video
  • Playlist
  • ...and more!

All these excellent freebies are available at

Get everyone involved

Use 15 minutes of a staff meeting to brief everyone about Sing Up Day and decide together how to celebrate it. What about a staff rendition of the song for pupils? Get parents and governors and even your local community involved by inviting them to listen to and learn Be the change. They could even be part of a massed choir performance. You could also give your community a rendition in a local park, bandstand, or shopping centre. Lastly, try teaching it to your adult choirs or recommend it to a choir you’re a member of – it works equally well with mixed and upper voices.

Create simple learning aids for younger singers or SEN pupils

Make up actions to help you remember the song lyrics. You could also use visual aids such as InPrint by Widgit or objects of reference to engage SEN pupils. Try using British Sign Language and/or Makaton as well as the audio tracks to learn the song. You'll also find our BSL video for Be the change on the resources page above.

Try different methods to teach the song

Start by getting everyone familiar with the song by playing it during transitions, like as pupils enter/exit assembly, get changed for PE, have indoor play, etc. Teach the song from the lyric video for a more visual aid. Make sure that you also tune into our Facebook Live event on 6 February with songwriter Emily Barden where she’ll demonstrate how to teach the vocal style.


Teach the song as part of your curriculum

With secondary students, build the song into music lessons. Use it in a scheme of work about songwriting, using the chord progression and bass line as examples and inspiration. Use it to explore song structure, vocal harmony and arranging. The song could also work for GCSE and BTEC performing arts groups.

For primary pupils, there are also lots of options:

  • Music: Changes in sound e.g. in volume and pitch
  • Science : Reversible and irreversible changes (liquids, gases and solids for example). How humans, animals and plants change as they grow. How ingredients change when cooked or frozen
  • Art: Blending colours together to see the changes that happen. Explore the colour wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Changes in materials such as clay when it is fired
  • PSHE: How to approach changes in our own lives. How to change our words and actions to have a positive impact on the people around us. How to have a more positive mindset

Bust a move

Create simple dance moves for the chorus. You could even get the audience involved with some movement. Find our full choreography guide in the Vocal Leader Pack. Here's a taster.


Expand on the song

Use our percussion guide to create a fun accompaniment, or encourage your instrumental students to learn parts of the song and play along. You could ask your choir or more experienced singers to attempt the harmonies. Try the instrumental ideas in the Vocal Leader Pack to get started.

Use Sing Up Day to show the benefits of singing and music as a subject

Perform it at options evening for KS3, or interview your singers – whatever their age – about what they liked about Sing Up Day and Be the change in the run up to and after the event.


How are you taking part in Sing Up Day this year?

Add your event to our map and send your singing stories to [email protected].