21st Jun 2017

Sing Up Day 2018 date announced!

Save the date in your diary and get ready to spread some more singing

Sing Up

It was brilliant to see so many singers all over the world taking part in this year's Sing Up Day, and we can't wait to hear even more of you raise your voices next year.

Sing Up Day 2018 is 14 March. Spread the word and get it in your calendar!

We were absolutely thrilled with all of the great videos that you sent us. This year's Digichoir was our biggest and best yet! We hope to see even more schools from around the world taking part next year, so make sure you tell all the teachers you know to save the date, Sing Up Member or not!

Check out our Sing Up Day page to keep updated about Sing Up Day news, and to take a look at the wonderful Digichoirs from the past few years. Keep checking back for updates on the Sing Up Day song and other resources for the day.