16th Jul 2015

School Choirs are alive and well!

It was reported in the media recently that the “deep British tradition” of joining a school choir was in decline. Our survey results dispute this claim... 

Sing Up

In an article titled 'Why it's no longer 'cool' to join the school choir', the Telegraph reported this week that: 

"The death of the school choir has been bemoaned by the headmaster of Kate Middleton and Samantha Cameron's former school - Marlborough College".

Here at Sing Up we carried out a brief survey on school choirs just this month and our results fly in the face of this claim.

We surveyed 1,072 of our Members over a two week period from 1/7/15 to 14/7/15, and asked two questions:

1) Does your school have a choir?
2) If yes, how long has the choir been going?

874/1072 (81%) respondents said they had a choir (2 abstained).

Of these 874 'yes' responses, 829 respondents replied to how long they had a choir: 228 (28%) had a choir for two years or less, and 216 (26%) had a choir for over ten years.

Whichever way you look at it, there are still a lot of choirs being started and a lot that have carried on for over a decade!

The good news is that it seems the school choir is alive and well! 

Tell us about your school choir, or send us photos at [email protected]. We love to hear what you are up to.