The Singing School Handbook

How to make your school sing

The Singing School Handbook is a how-to guide to help teachers and singing leaders working within school settings take appropriate steps towards making their school a Singing School. With universally transferable principles, suggestions and strategies, the book provides a framework that applies to any educational setting or school structure from the ages of 4 – 11, and beyond.

With chapters covering topics such as the benefits of singing in schools, vocal leadership, singing across the school day and making progress and improving singing, The Singing School Handbook comprehensively outlines and takes you on the journey of transforming your school into a Singing School.

‘A Singing School is a place not just where singing happens regularly, but where singing is not on the periphery of school life but right in the middle of it. It is a school where all children are involved in singing, every day, as a normal part of school life.’

Michelle James, CEO
Michelle James, CEO
Sing Up

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