Warm-ups for virtual choirs

Billy the kid | Lyrics
A jazzy warm-up perfect for exploring different vocal qualities and colours

Boom chicka boom Lyrics
A call and echo chant ideally suited as a warm up or ice-breaker activity. It is accessible, quick to learn and can be creatively adapted. The chant develops basic musical and PSHE skills whilst allowing children to have fun exploring their voices.

Do your dooty Lyrics
A Glee-esque warm-up to start your singing sessions – a real energiser!

In harmony Lyrics
An easy and uplifting three-part warm-up – perfect for kick-starting rehearsals!

Let’s start to sing! Lyrics
A feel-good song in three parts full of tips to support healthy, happy singing.

Merry men Lyrics
A lively tongue-twister of a warm-up based on a famous tune

Activities to try

Balance check

Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your weight evenly distributed, knees soft, arms hanging loosely by your sides, feel your spine lengthening and widening, and that the crown of your head is always the highest point.

Swooping pitch match

Especially good for boys with changing voices, but excellent ear training for all singers. Sing or give a note and then ask the singers to do a vocal swoop on an open vowel, starting from as low as possible in their range, going up to as high as comfortable in their vocal range, and then descending to finish on the note that you gave. To add extra challenge, ask the singers to make the swoop slower/last longer. You could count along to help.

How to do a bootie clapetty

This is a basic beatboxing exercise starting from apparently nonsense words. Get your singers to repeat the following phrase: 'Boo-tee/boo-tee/cla-pur-tee/cot-cot/boo-clap/boo-tee/boo-boo' Now gradually develop and exaggerate the consonants and lose the vowels and you’re beatboxing. Remember to keep the airflow energised from the abdomen, and not pushed or forced by the neck.


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