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Ages 7 to 11

Down by the bay | Lyrics
​​​​​​​An old favourite with limitless scope for creating extra whacky verses!

Earth, space and all that jazz | Lyrics
A jazzy song packed full of key words and information to support the National Curriculum topic of ‘Earth and Space’

In every way | Lyrics
A bouncy, upbeat song about thanking someone special

I love the flowers | Lyrics
This is an uplifting song celebrating the simple pleasure that can be taken in appreciating the natural world.

It's getting too hot for monkeys | Lyrics
A fun topical song delivering a serious message about global warming liberally sprinkled with ‘in-jokes’!

Just like a Roman | Lyrics​​​​​​​
This clever cross-curricular song about the Romans offers a perfect vocal complement to KS2 topic work. Pertinent vocabulary, witty humour and a catchy cha-cha rhythm make this song a sure-fire winner.

Living in the New Stone Age | Lyrics
This epic unison song for Key Stage 2 reveals the lives of Neolithic farmers 

Multiplicity | Lyrics
This song can be adapted to suit any kind of number work. It’s a catchy, accessible tune and great fun to sing!

Pirates! | Lyrics
This song is about pirates — they’re scary, bold and have a special flag so we know they’re coming!

Rhythmic scientific | Lyrics​​​​​​​
Learn all about process and method with these three chants

The geography song | Lyrics
Learn the names of the world’s continents and oceans with this tuneful song

The Maya (a stone-cold classic) | Lyrics
Rock it ‘Yucatan style’ and learn about the Ancient Mayan civilization with this great song!

The tree in the wood | Lyrics
This is a fun, cumulative song that will get everybody flexing their memory muscles!

The vertebrate song | Lyrics
A song with plenty of backbone! Kids will have fun classifying the five vertebrates mentioned in the lyrics

The water cycle song | Lyrics
An upbeat number packed with facts about water's journey from land to sky to sea.

Tutankhamun! | Lyrics
This song, with its distinctive Egyptian flavour, introduces the legendary child king Tutankhamun.

Viking rock | Lyrics
Full of Viking gusto, this upbeat rock song has clever and accessible lyrics describing the Nordic way of life.

We need plants | Lyrics
​​​​​​​Use this song to teach your class about all of the different everyday products that are made from plants

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Continents and oceans


People who help us


Water cycles


I love the flowers


It's getting too hot for monkeys


Down by the bay


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