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Ages 4 to 7

As I was walking down the street | Lyrics
This is a charming song inviting children to greet and dance with new partners.

Baby beluga | Lyrics
A charming sing-along song about a little white whale and feeling secure.

Digging the garden | Lyrics
An upbeat salsa number about sowing seeds and growing plants

Hey little frog! | Lyrics
A catchy song exploring the lifecycle of a frog (including adaptations for butterflies and birds)

In the spring | Lyrics
An uplifting and cheerful song, full of the joys of spring!

It's getting too hot for monkeys | Lyrics
A fun topical song delivering a serious message about global warming liberally sprinkled with ‘in-jokes’!

Make that sound! | Lyrics
This is a lively blues song, focusing on the various ways that sound can be produced by different musical instruments or found objects. 

The magic travel machine | Lyrics​​​​​​​
You’ll travel to all sorts of interesting places with this lively song.

Multiplicity | Lyrics
This song can be adapted to suit any kind of number work. It’s a catchy, accessible tune and great fun to sing!

People who help us | Lyrics
A sweet song encouraging children’s awareness of the people who help keep our communities safe and happy.

Pirates! | Lyrics
This song is about pirates — they’re scary, bold and have a special flag so we know they’re coming!

Roll the old chariot along | Lyrics
This is a famous old ‘stamp-‘n’-go’ sea shanty. Do you recognise any other tunes in the accompaniment?

The geography song | Lyrics
Learn the names of the world’s continents and oceans with this tuneful song

The transport song | Lyrics
Jet, set, go with this fun song featuring different modes of transport

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly | Lyrics
A famous cumulative nonsense song about an old woman and her bizarre diet!

Tutankhamun! | Lyrics
This song, with its distinctive Egyptian flavour, introduces the legendary child king Tutankhamun.

Viking rock | Lyrics
Full of Viking gusto, this upbeat rock song has clever and accessible lyrics describing the Nordic way of life.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? | Lyrics
This is a sea shanty that sailors might have sung while hauling up the sail or the anchor.

Word space! | Lyrics
A song to enthuse writers and improve KS1 written work.


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