Relaxing / soothing

Songs to calm and settle

Across the fields | Lyrics
A 19th century American folk song that can be sung in unison or as a four part round.

Baby beluga | Lyrics
A charming sing-along song about a little white whale and feeling secure.

Baloo baleerie (2-part version) | Lyrics
Two-part arrangement of a Scottish lullaby

Hey dumba | Lyrics
A beautiful traditional song from Brazil about the sound of the water in the Amazon rainforest

I can see clearly now | Lyrics
This is a great chart song from the 1970s that has a motivational message. It’s not really about the weather!

I love the flowers | Lyrics
An uplifting song celebrating the simple pleasure that can be taken in appreciating the natural world.

In the spring | Lyrics
An uplifting and cheerful song, full of the joys of spring!

Let's go fly a kite | Lyrics
‘Practically perfect in every way!’ A light-hearted and singable song that never seems to date.

New beginning | Lyrics
A great way to celebrate spring time and the first glimpses of summer sun.

Nobody knows (The Lumineers) | Lyrics
A beautiful arrangement of this soulful, lyrical ballad, which features in the film Pete’s Dragon

Souallé | Lyrics
A beautiful and tender lullaby from Africa, with simple vocal harmonies.

The little sandman | Lyrics
By the composer Johannes Brahms, the song tells of the little sandman that brings people sleep and good dreams.

Three little birds | Lyrics
Don’t worry about a thing with this feel-good reggae classic!

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Baby beluga
Baby beluga
In the spring
In the spring
I love the flowers
I love the flowers

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