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Ain't gonna let nobody | Lyrics
Wow your audience with this hip-hop inspired arrangement of a traditional spiritual.

Be the change | Lyrics
The Sing Up day song for 2018 Be the change is a rousing, anthemic song, calling for us all to 'be the change' we want to see in the world.

Count on me | Lyrics
A touching, laid-back song about the true meaning of friendship from pop superstar, Bruno Mars.

Don't stop | Lyrics
A rousing song with a strong, positive message that will have you rockin’ out and raising the roof!

Eye of the tiger | Lyrics
A roaring anthem on the theme of resilience from the rock ‘hall of fame’.

Go the distance | Lyrics
This boy-friendly ballad is a real tear-jerker, by Disney demi-god, Alan Menken.

Gotta be me | Lyrics
Rap along with this up-beat song all about being yourself!

Hang out the washing on the Siegfried line | Lyrics
This patriotic song from 1939 was written as a morale booster for the Allied troops in World War II. 

How far I'll go | Lyrics
An inspirational song about following your dreams from the Disney film Moana.

Let love shine through | Lyrics
An inspirational and upbeat song, with flexible vocal parts, about diversity and individuality – celebrating what makes you, you and me, me!

Love my life | Lyrics
An uplifting, feel-good song about positivity and making the most of life, for yourself and others.

One call away | Lyrics
A soulful, atmospheric song, perfect for soloists, large vocal ensembles, and instrumental groups.

One moment one people | Lyrics
Celebrate the power of singing with the Sing Up Day song for 2019. This song is about working together and making positive connections with each other.

Power in me | Lyrics
An exhilarating song to encourage self-belief, perseverance and empowerment.

Reach out (I'll be there) | Lyrics
Everyone will love to sing this uplifting R&B song.

Remember | Lyrics
This contemporary ballad teaches children about the importance of remembering those who died in the World Wars.

Rockstar | Lyrics
Channel your inner rock star with this song by A Great Big World.

Touch the sky | Lyrics
A stirring song with a Celtic twist from Disney’s Brave to inspire courage and kindle ambition.

What makes a family | Lyrics
This big-hearted song celebrates families of absolutely every size and shape.

You've got a friend in me | Lyrics
This well-known song from Disney’s Toy Story can be used to promote positive relationships.

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One moment one people
One moment one people
Be the change
Be the change
Let love shine through
Let love shine through
There's a power in the music
There's a power in the music

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