Reach out (I'll be there)

Song of the Week | Words and Music by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland.

Learn the song with Chanté Faucher and Itoya Osagiede

Get moving with this uplifting R&B song

Pupil Activities

Singing and body percussion

Listen to the performance track a few times to become familiar with the song as there are some tricky melody sections. Then follow Chanté and Itoya in the teaching video, rewinding bits if you need to. As you watch it, you'll see that they introduce some body percussion. Try this a few times on its own before adding in the singing. For the chorus, count four beats. Add in a chest tap for beat one, a click for beat two and then a clap that lasts for beats three and four. In the verse, it's a simple two beat pattern repeated: chest tap and click (one beat each). The stepping will take some rehearsing too. Step to the left and then tap your right foot and then to the right and tap. They also add in some actions to help you remember the lyrics so there's lots to do!

Motown music

Have you heard of Motown? It was the name of an American record company and has since become the name for a style of music (a mix of soul and pop). Four Tops, who sung Reach out (I'll be there), were a famous Motown band. Watch them performing here. What do you think of it? How is it different to modern music? Are there similarities? How does it make you feel?

Have you heard of any of these? Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and The Supremes? They're all well-known Motown artists. Look them up and see if you know any of their songs.

Motown Magic is a children's show on Netflix about a boy who transforms his city by bringing colourful street art to life, and the trailer showcases some classic Motown songs that feature throughout the series. If you like Motown music and want to listen to some more, here is a YouTube playlist.

Reaching out

It's important to reach out to someone when you're in need. Have you ever felt down or like giving up? Everyone feels like that sometimes, and when we do, it's good to talk about it. Asking for help and sharing your feelings reminds you that you're not alone. Draw a picture or make a list of the people who you can turn to when you need cheering up - perhaps your family, friends and teachers.

Similarly, how can you reach out to help others? If you see someone who seems troubled or sad, what can you do? Think of lots of different ways you can help, such as: ask them how they are, chat to them, offer them a hug, write them a note, have a phone call with them, send them something, sit with them, share what you have, invite them to play your game, and so on.

Motown moves

'Motown: The Musical' is based on the autobiography of Berry Gordy (the founder of the Motown record label). It's full of catchy numbers like this one set to Dancing in the streets by Martha and the Vandellas. You'll definitely be up dancing by the end of it!

Watch this video to pick up some Motown style dance moves, such as the sway snap, slide, peppermint twist, and pony. Try them out and then have a go at creating your own sequence. You might even want to dress up in the style of the era for your performance. Use the Sing Up backing track to accompany you.

Album sleeve art

How do you listen to music? Do you use or phone or tablet, the internet or a streaming device? In the 1960s, people played records made of vinyl. The cardboard sleeves (that records came in) were decorated and some were art works. There are a few album covers that have become famous. Have a go at designing your own album cover for the song Reach out (I'll be there). You'll need a large square piece of paper and eye-catching images, words and fonts.

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