Lever FIVE: Find your voice

Songwriting can be an outlet for expressing ourselves and finding our voice

What it's all about?

"Each individual has a unique perspective on the world and our own story to tell. Keeping that thought in mind can be very motivating, particularly in times when we have self-doubt. 

If you’re songwriting, don’t worry about whether your lyrics are any good or not to begin with. Your job is to make a start and keep going, not to change the world. Everything can be adapted, improved, changed, etc. later on. Value even the ‘mistakes’. Play."

– Beccy Owen

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Watch the teaching video with pupils and inspire them to write their own lyrics and melody to the backing tracks below.

Find your songwriting voice with Beccy Owen

Write your own lyrics and melody to our backing tracks below

RPS Making Music Smart Teacher 2017 Teacher 2018 Besa Music & Drama Education Awards Music & Drama Education Awards 2023 Finalist