Lever ONE: Relationships

Provide opportunities for pupils to interact socially and build relationships | Playground Song: Bungalow

What it's all about?

Singing games are a quick-fire way to inject fun into playtimes and create an orderly, supportive and friendly atmosphere. It is also a positive way to help children connect, develop social skills and make new friends. With an abundance of fresh air and plenty of space there is little risk of any transmission of the virus making outdoor singing a good first step to get back up and running to reap the multiple benefits of singing.

Leading a singing game builds confidence, and develops musical skills at the same time. Bungalow is a fantastically addictive game that encourages individuality and is based around call-and-response, and turn taking. It's especially funny for children to see their teachers and other adults have a turn 'bungalowing'.

Watch the video to learn the song and game then try outside and watch the fun and confidence grow.

Consider creating a designated zone, with a ‘stop and sing’ sign, props and establish a group of young singing leaders to facilitate the songs and games. Let us know how you get on and share your 'Bungalow' pictures and videos with us on Twitter and Facebook to inspire other schools. 



Learn the playground song Bungalow with Sharon Durant

Try this fun action song in the playground, great for building social skills and confidence in pupils



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