Music Teaching

Music Teaching

Music curriculum resources

New Sing Up Music scheme
Nursery to Year 6
New Sing Up Music scheme
Developing musicianship
Toolkit for teachers (KS1 & KS2)
Developing musicianship
Play Ukulele
Videos, songs and inspiration
Play Ukulele

Playlists and collections

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Lesson starters


Scales and intervals


Cadences and textures


How songs are built


Music Projects - Music curriculum ages 11 - 18

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Exploring the West African influence


Chords and cadences


Exploring the blues


Exploring improvisation using mashups


Handy resources


Music Glossary


Percussion guide


The elements of music song collection




Advice and ideas


Music pedagogy


Songwriting and composing


Whole class singing and playing


Singing with GCSE and A Level students


Vocal health


Vocal leadership


Boys singing


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