Sing Up for Music Education Hubs and Music Services

Sing Up works in partnership with Music Education Hubs in England to support singing in their schools as part of musical learning, development of musicianship skills and making progress in singing.

We have songs and resources for choirs and Big Sing events. A complete scheme of work for teaching the primary music curriculum, and resources for developing musicianship and for the Ukulele. For secondary schools we have more advanced repertoire including for changed and changing voices, and Music Projects for classroom curriculum work.

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Bulk Membership purchase

Hubs can buy Sing Up Membership in bulk for some or all of their Primary and Secondary schools at a special discounted rate.

This will mean that your schools have all the benefits of Membership, including full access to the Song Bank, Music Curriculum resources, songs for choirs, assemblies and concerts, expert advice and guidance.

Strategy support

We can provide a range of consultancy and support for your delivery strategies, whether it is helping to create something from scratch, a review and update of an existing strategy, or just some advice on how to achieve your aims.

This might include devising and carrying out an audit of existing activity, talking to stakeholders, helping you to identify the key things you want to change or improve, and creating an actionable plan.

We can do this for your singing strategy, wider school strategy, curriculum or co-curricular strategies.

'It has been great to work with Sing Up on the latest version of our singing strategy. They have brought real expertise and a wider perspective into the process, making the strategy richer and more clearly thought through than it would otherwise have been. I recommend this approach to other Hubs.’

Sing Up for Music Education Hubs includes

Songs for choirs and Big Sings

We've got songs for all kinds of choirs from very young beginners to chamber choirs and a cappella groups. You can search for choir songs by style, age and scoring and you can preview scores and audio tracks too.

Songs include practice tools such as rehearsal and backing tracks, a range of scores, teaching notes and scrolling notation. Plus, you can either use our own playlists for ideas, or create your own.

Music Curriculum

Sing Up Music is a complete online primary music curriculum resource for nursery to Year 6. Includes listening, singing, playing, improvising, and composing units plus a Developing Musicianship Toolkit, and Play Ukulele activities. Sing Up Music takes an integrated approach to musical learning, and together the units represent a complete, and progressive library of resources that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum.

Our Music Projects use the voice to explore musical concepts with 11 – 18 year olds. You'll find topics such as songwriting, minimalism, vocal textures and chords and cadences.

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