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Why Sing Up?

Singing improves students' learning, confidence, well-being and social development. Sing Up's unparalleled Song Bank has a huge choice of songs specially arranged to promote good vocal health for young and developing voices. Our wide range of resources are designed to help you support vocal and musical development.

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‘Sing Up – there's so much there! I never have a fruitless visit to the Song Bank. It's a big and wondrous thing.’

Sing Up for organisations includes

Songs for choirs

With songs for all kinds of choirs from very young beginners to chamber choirs and a cappella groups, we'll help you find what you're searching for with ready-made playlists. Plus, you can search by style, type of song, age, choir voicing and preview scores and audio tracks.

We'll help you rehearse and prepare for concerts with ease, so whether your students learn by ear, read notation or do both, our songs include practice tools such as rehearsal and backing tracks, a range of scores, teaching notes and scrolling notation. Our teaching notes and vocal leadership advice support those who may be generalist teachers or are less confident singers.

Music Curriculum

Sing Up Music is a complete online primary music curriculum resource for nursery to Year 6. Includes listening, singing, playing, improvising, and composing units plus a Developing Musicianship Toolkit, and Play Ukulele activities. Sing Up Music takes an integrated approach to musical learning, and together the units represent a complete, and progressive library of resources that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music and suggested approaches of the Model Music Curriculum for pupils at each stage of learning, including Early Years Foundation Stage.

Specially developed units of work, our Music Projects use the voice to explore musical concepts with 11- to 18-year olds. You’ll find topics such as songwriting, minimalism, vocal textures and chords and cadences.

Song Bank

Sing Up’s online Song Bank is bursting with songs for young and developing singers in a huge range of styles and is constantly being added to. We have pop songs and well-known songs from stage and screen, choral, gospel, folk and traditional songs – all vocally and lyrically appropriate for the age group.

Search by age, style, theme, subject, scoring or music topic to find the song you need. Or browse our Top Tens and playlists for ideas then use our high-quality rehearsal and backing tracks to get started.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Singing is for everyone and one of the most inclusive activities you can do in your classroom. Sing Up's resources will help you to involve all your pupils, including those with special educational needs.

Signed videos (BSL and Makaton), Clicker 5&6 and VOCA resources and Braille scores support young people to be part of whole-class music making and singing.

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