Top five Sing Up resources for leavers assemblies

Send your Year 6 class on to Secondary School with a Leavers' Assembly to remember

With the end of the school year looming and the prospect of saying goodbye to another group of year 6 students approaching, make sure you've planned the best leavers celebration possible!

A great leavers assembly can start with preparations weeks ahead where pupils are given the opportunity to reflect on the year behind them and all that they've learnt, or can be interactive where the reflection is built into the day. The choice is yours, especially with these tools to make preparations easier...

Song Bank playlist: Leavers Assemblies

Packed full of soul-stirring and aspirational songs, use this playlist to go out on a high note! Listen now >

Leavers Play script

Ideal for a leaver’s event filled with comedy, this adaptable play script harnesses fun and music to create a memorable goodbye, which focuses on laughter rather than tears. Start rehearsing >

Song by a student: 'Moving on' by Gabriel Taylor

Gabriel Taylor, a young budding musician, was only ten when he wrote Moving on. Inspired by his own experience of being in Year 6 and preparing to leave Junior School, he wrote this moving tribute to his teachers and friends. Listen now >

Create your own song together

If feeling inspired by Gabriel Taylor who wrote 'Moving on' for his year own 6 class, why not suggest that your pupils create their own leaver’s songs. Our Songwriting PowerPoint will help to get you started. Get writing >

Assembly Plans

We've got three great plans to help you celebrate in style:


These are our picks for leavers assemblies - do you agree?
What are your favourite Sing Up resources? Let us know in the comments below!

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