Top five Sing Up resources for developing quality singing

Good vocal practices for the best quality singing

It’s great to get into the habit of placing vocal health and quality at the heart of your vocal leadership, regardless of the age group you’re working with. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our top five resources to support the development of high quality, healthy, happy singing!

Going for quality

This short video, presented by singing expert Lin Marsh, touches on a wide range of useful concepts including engagement, vocal tone, healthy singing, posture and more. Watch it >>

Back to basics!

This useful checklist presents nine easy ways to promote good quality singing in your school. It's a great one to share with your non-music-specialist colleagues as an approachable starting point for singing leadership. Get the checklist >>

Vocal leader checklist

Your indispensable one-page checklist! Summing up the ten key behaviours of great vocal leaders, these tips can be applied to both adult and pupil leaders. Why not pin up a copy in every classroom? Try it now >>

Create singing stars

This handy guide, with contributions from Lin Marsh and Joanna Forbes L’Estrange, provides some brilliant tips on giving stylistically authentic performances – including tips for both pop and classical singing – while ensuring that the principles of good vocal health are upheld. Useful for all ages, but particularly for use with secondary pupils. Get the guide >>

Take care of that voice

A practical guide to looking after your most vital (but often taken for granted) means of communication – your voice. Stuart Barr outlines the ways in which both adults and children can ensure good vocal health. Try it >>


These are our picks for developing quality singing - do you agree?
What top fives would you like to see us create next? Let us know in the comments below!

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