People who help us
A sweet song encouraging children’s awareness of the people who help keep our communities safe and happy.
Learn the song with composer Claire Tustin

Say a special thank you to key workers with brand-new lyrics




KS1 Activities


Activity ideas based around the song

The resources included with this song include the activities below, lyrics, audio performance and backing tracks and a brand-new version of the song that features in the video only. The new version has lyrics written by Claire Tustin for key workers, in response to the many sacrifices they are making to take care of us. Learn the song with the video and then sing along with either the video or backing track. Alternatively, if pupils already know the original lyrics children can sing along with the performance track. The activities work with both versions of the song.

People who help us appreciation:
Ask children to name some of the jobs that people do that help us, such as refuse collectors, fire fighters, doctors and nurses etc. Draw pictures of these people in their uniform, doing their important jobs. Show appreciation by creating colourful thank you banners, notes of gratitude or posters. Display them where they can be seen at a safe distance in windows, tacked to the wheelie bin and on the front door. Make them as colourful and as eye catching as possible.

Sound effects game: (use performance track for reference)
In the original lyrics of the song each job has a sound effect associated with it. Join in with the sound effects: sssshhh! (for the firefighters), vroom (for the farmers), nee-nah (for the police). Have a go making up some new sound effects for jobs that people who help us do. 

Gratitude journal:
Encourage children to be thankful and to appreciate what they do have. It helps to take the focus away from what they do not have. Draw and/or write something they are grateful for at the end of the day. By learning to appreciate the small things you develop an attitude of gratitude.


Role play: 
Create a role play area at home with home-made outfits, walkie talkies and signs etc. Try acting out some of these key job roles with other family members. You could also mime the jobs, a bit like charades. Can others guess who you are?  

Write new lyrics:
Together as a family, or with your class mates write additional verses to the song. Who would you like to say thank you too and why? Maybe you could write an extra special verse for your teachers and other school workers.

Be helpful too:
Discuss what being helpful is and encourage children to make a list of things that they could do each day to be helpful. Are there jobs in the home that they could help with such as laundry, dishes and tidying up? We can all do something, even if it’s small to make a positive difference.  

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