This song is about pirates — they’re scary, bold and have a special flag so we know they’re coming!



KS1 Activities


Pirate hat template


Activity ideas based around the song

Create a pirate chest
If you’ve a spare box decorate it to create a pirate chest. If you’ve not one maybe you could use a pillowcase and create a swag bag instead. Add tell-tale pirate paraphernalia such as an eye patch, jewels, toy boat, skull and crossbones, or whatever you can find.

Listen to the song
Play the song repeatedly over the course of a week, and encourage lots of movement and expression. Hopefully children will create their own actions and be able to recall the lyrics with confidence. 

Discovering the rhyme
Display the words on screen and chant together in a steady rhythm. Ask children to find all of the rhymes in the song, study the lyrics and discuss the meanings of unfamiliar words. Use this as an opportunity to practise any phonic sounds they have already covered at school.

Can children think of words to rhyme with ‘way’ and ‘bay’ from verse 1? Can they think of other letters that make similar sounds? Children could collect examples and write these onto pieces of card shaped as eye patches, for future reference.

Writing a message in a bottle
Ask children to close their eyes and imagine they are on a pirate ship:

  • What do they see?
  • What do they smell?
  • What can they touch?
  • What can they hear?

Ask them to imagine they are being held hostage on a pirate ship and need to send a message for help. What would they write in their message? If they are struggling to get started write the message together.

Get stuck into a host of swashbuckling adventure stories, such as The night pirates by Peter Harris, Ten little pirates by Mike Brownlow, Pirates love underpants by Claire Freedman and The pirate cruncher by Jonny Duddle.

Find out about sea life and discover what creatures lurk beneath the waters, taking your inspiration from other songs like Baby Beluga, also in the Sing Up at Home area.

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