In every way
Topic: People who help us





Learn the Makaton signs with Al Start

Activity ideas based around the song

Show your appreciation 
Make a list of all the key workers who are helping to look after others and keep society running. This might include people who work in care homes, hospitals, schools, food shops and pharmacies. Bus drivers, delivery drivers etc. What do these jobs involve and why are these people key workers? Write notes of thanks and create posters of appreciation for the hard work that they do and the risks they are taking for others. Display them where they can be seen at a safe distance in windows, tacked to the wheelie bin, on the front door, hung from trees, walls and fences. Make them as colourful and eye catching as possible. 

What are you grateful for?
It’s a worrying time for people. To counteract the worry, think about all the things you are really grateful for. Maybe it’s people, maybe it’s something about yourself, maybe it’s material things such as things you own or maybe it’s something about your environment and where you live. Make a list of them describing what you appreciate about each one. Create a set of small visual flash cards to put on a key ring or tie onto a ribbon as a reminder of these things so if you’re feeling sad or worried you can take a look and remember the things that make you feel better.

Make a wish jar
The current situation means that habits and routines are changing. People might not be seeing loved ones and will no doubt be missing friends and family. Every time a member of the family ‘wishes’ for something like wishing they could see someone they love, do something, go somewhere, visit a new place, invite people over, then get them to write it down and put it in a jar.  When all this is over, you’ll have your own family list of things to do which you can work your way through. It will encourage you to be grateful for the little and lovely things in your lives that might have been taken for granted previously. 

Acrostic poem 
Using the song In every way as inspiration, create your own acrostic poem. An acrostic poem takes a word like 'thanks' (as in the song), 'appreciation' or 'gratitude' and creates a poem using the first letter of each word to create a line of poetry. The starting word is written vertically while each line of poetry is written horizontally.  

Learn the sign language 
Why not learn the Makaton signs for the song? Take a look at the video on the page and learn with Al Start who wrote the song.  With more time indoors, now is the perfect opportunity to try a new skill.

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