I love the flowers
An uplifting song celebrating simple pleasures that can be taken in appreciating the natural world.





Activity ideas based around the song

Arts and crafts 
Make some pictures of beautiful bouquets at home. Create tulips by coating the back of a fork in paint and rocking it on to paper, adding a length of green straw as a stem. For daffodils, cut out a single cup from the bottom of an egg carton and stick it down on some paper. Draw five petals around it and paint them – yellow, white, orange just as you choose. Alternatively, snip the ends of a toilet roll tube and splay them out, dip the ends in paint and print your flower on to your paper. Draw or a glue on a stick/straw stem to complete your flower. You can find lots of other imaginative flowery craft ideas here.

Flower power
All of these crafts can be done with flowers found outside (on the ground, not picked) or from a bunch you might have in a vase at home. 

  • Press flower petals between greaseproof paper in heavy books. When they’re dried, they can be made into beautiful cards and pictures.
  • Make natural confetti/eco sprinkles for craft and play by drying out petals and tiny flowers and leaves. Do this on a radiator, in an airing cupboard, or in a dry spot at home e.g. a sunny windowsill.
  • Make a flower queen/king crown, by cutting out template of card or greaseproof paper and dried petals glued to it.
  • Make nature pictures out of collected petals, leaves, and grass, or stick petals onto tracing paper and make a sun catcher.
  • Make ‘intention pots’. You could paint clay/terracotta pots or recycle yoghurt pots (punch holes in the bottom) or make some out of newspaper, card or toilet/kitchen roll. Write down intentions for the year ahead and stick them to the pot. Then put in soil, followed by seeds of your choice, and watch them come to life (hopefully along with your intentions!).
  • Make some salt dough (see here for a recipe), cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter or by hand and whilst still wet, press them into dried lavender, dandelion petals, or buttercups or any dried and crushed petals. Allow your hearts to dry thoroughly before glazing them with PVA glue. These can be given as gifts or made into brooches or used as paperweights.
  • Make nature wands or memory sticks by finding leaves, petals and grass and tying them to a stick with twine string or wool. Watch this video for some ideas.
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