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This year we're especially excited to let you know that we're collaborating with Trinity College London and supporting schools taking part in Sing Up Day to achieve Arts Award Discover.

Arts Award Discover can be completed in one day and is assessed by the school or Hub Arts Award Adviser, therefore Sing Up Day provides an ideal opportunity to get involved. Arts Award Discover is an introductory award that encourages young people to explore the arts around them and to take part in arts activities. 

Arts Award are offering an exclusive discount for schools taking part in Sing Up Day bringing the cost down to just £3.05 per award, rather than the standard £4 (representing a per child saving of 24%). If you’re interested in supporting your pupils to achieve Arts Award Discover, here’s how to get started: 

  • Download the Sing Up Day Arts Award Discover Teacher Notes which explains more about Arts Award and what is involved in the Discover Award  
  • Ensure someone in your school is trained as an Arts Award Adviser. With courses running nationwide and throughout the year, there is bound to be one running near you soon. Visit for more information 
  • Download a copy of the Arts Award Discover Map for each pupil and support them to complete it (you will need to submit these as evidence of their activity for the award).  

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