Benefits of Sing Up Membership

Benefits of Sing Up Membership

What Sing Up Membership will do for your school

Singing schools achieve

Things are easier to learn when you sing them. Sing Up’s online platform and resources are designed to improve learning outcomes; your pupils will be more engaged and focused in the classroom. Use our songs and teaching resources to support children’s learning and develop skills, understanding, confidence and self-esteem.

Everything you need for music in one place

You can rely on Sing Up for all your school music. As well as our famous Song Bank, you will find a complete music curriculum scheme, a musicianship training toolkit and our Play Ukulele resources.

The best songs

Our Song Bank has a huge variety of songs expertly arranged for young voices. Ideally suited for every school context, the songs come with high quality backing and performance tracks and notation and are easily useable in our interactive whiteboard mode. Songs in all styles including pop songs your pupils will know and love, but also including a wide range of other styles to develop their musical knowledge and tastes.

Tried and tested

You can trust that all our songs and resources have been tried and tested by teachers and vocal leaders and that they are expertly prepared for use with age group you are working with. Songs will be in the right key so they will be comfortable in the voice for your young singers; lyrics are age-suitable; learning outcomes and progression are all carefully planned out.

Saving you time

With easy-to-use online resources for teaching music and cross-curricular topics, instant streaming and downloading, and the ability to create your own playlists, Sing Up will speed up your planning time and make preparation much easier. Editable Powerpoint presentations in our Music Curriculum scheme will also save you lots of planning time and make for smooth lesson delivery.

A singing school community

Singing together is the fastest way to develop a sense of community. It is great for pupil inclusion – everyone has a voice and can sing – and provides a safe space in which pupils can find their place in the school community and develop their sense of identity. Singing together feels great, and pupils say time and again how much they love it.

The benefits of singing
The benefits of singing
Professor Graham Welch sums up the latest research on the physical, psychological, social, musical and educational benefits of singing.
Take a look through the Sing Up blog for some extensive research from experts about the benefits of singing.
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