The doot doot song

Words and Music by Dan Almond , Paul James and Shelly Ambury.
Vocal arrangement by Sharon Durant.
Commissioned by Sing Up.


The doot doot song is a gentle sing-and-play song for ukuleles with a relaxed swing, in an acoustic pop style reminiscent of Jack Johnson. It is part of a series of songs composed for the purposes of learning ukulele with primary-aged pupils and covers four notes and three chords: A, E, F, and C, A minor, F major and C major.

Ukulele part 1: two alternating notes played on A string
Ukulele part 2: two alternating notes played on E string
Ukulele part 3: single strum chords of C, A minor and F
Ukulele part 4: a more difficult strumming pattern on chords of C, A minor and F


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