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Let love shine through

An inspirational and upbeat song, with flexible vocal parts, about diversity and individuality – celebrating what makes you, you and me, me!

Words and music by Emily Barden

Comments about Let love shine through

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 8th May 2017 04:22

Hello Miss Bolado,

Thanks for your comment - we're glad you like the song! The scores are available with Sing Up Membership; simply click on the 'Scores' tab above.

I hope this helps!

Miss Bolado Report this comment

Posted 8th May 2017 02:45

This is a great song.


Aren't the scores available for download? Thanks.

Mrs Owen Report this comment

Posted 5th May 2017 12:46

Always too busy in our school in the Spring term to do Sing Up Day but definitely going for this one at our Outside summer Event....just wondering how many parts I can go for. Love listening to the various ways primary schools have tackled this for inspiration.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 21st Mar 2017 03:18

Hello Mrs Newton,

Thanks for your comment! We haven't created a BSL video for this year's song - but we think this is a brilliant idea and will bear it in mind for next year.

We hope you have a fantastic Sing Up Day!

Mrs Newton Report this comment

Posted 19th Mar 2017 11:41

Is there a BSL video for this song?

Mr Wilkin Report this comment

Posted 1st Mar 2017 05:18

Amazing song must be played on the radio

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 24th Feb 2017 10:58

Hello Mr Robinson,


Many thanks for your comment - we’re delighted to hear that you’re a fan of the song! We're pleased to say that we have now created a new version of the lyric video with the backing track: www.youtube.com/watch


We hope you enjoy it! If there is anything else we can help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mr Robinson Report this comment

Posted 22nd Feb 2017 07:45

Incredible song for this year's Sing Up Day! Hats off to the Sing Up Team!


I have a request, if I may... The video that is up on Youtube with the words to the song (which is also amazing!)... Could a version of this be made with just the backing track? The reason I ask is that I am planning to have my Choir sing this song at their Summer Concert and would love to have that video in the background for the audience to watch as the Choir sing!


I would be eternally grateful if that could be made possible!


Mr. Robinson!

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 9th Feb 2017 03:40

Thanks for your comment, Mr Ives! This song was written for us just last year by the fantastic Emily Barden, especially for Sing Up Day 2017. We hope you'll participate this year - have a look at our Sing Up Day page for more details on how to get involved.

Mr Ives Report this comment

Posted 8th Feb 2017 04:43

how old is this song

Mrs McCann Report this comment

Posted 29th Jan 2017 05:08

Fantastic! Cant wait to get started with our pupils!

Mrs Merrick Report this comment

Posted 8th Nov 2016 10:35

Great song, I will get started as soon as I have a score to work from.

Mrs Clancy Report this comment

Posted 7th Nov 2016 12:42

Great song we all love it ! Well done!!..can't wait for the score!

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 21st Oct 2016 04:21

Hi Mr Nicholls,

Yes, of course. We'll be in touch to let you all know when the scores are available! We're glad you like it!

Mr Nicholls Report this comment

Posted 21st Oct 2016 11:47

Brilliant! Will you contact us when the scores are available please?

Miss Bridgland Report this comment

Posted 3rd Oct 2016 05:38

Great song! Love it

Mrs Barber Report this comment

Posted 1st Oct 2016 10:49

We are very excited for this song. First year i have signed up for sing up day, so looking forward to this. Choir really enjoyed it. Mrs Barber

Mrs Allen Report this comment

Posted 25th Sep 2016 03:28

Great song, would really like the score so I can have a look!! Will be starting to teach it with my class soon as it has such a happy beat!

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 23rd Sep 2016 03:31

Hello all,


Glad to hear you are enjoying the song! We can't wait to hear your performances on Sing Up Day.


The scores will be made available before the end of the year along with the children's vocals tracks and other resources.


We'll keep you posted!

Mrs Harris Report this comment

Posted 23rd Sep 2016 09:16

Can't find the score to download?

Mrs Cox Report this comment

Posted 22nd Sep 2016 02:51

Brilliant song! When will the song score become available online? Can't wait to teach the kids. Thank you!

Mr McArdle Report this comment

Posted 21st Sep 2016 04:02

As soon as the scores are up there, the school choir I run will be singing this song. Ms. Barden's songs are consistently the most popular songs we sing. Not just with the children, but with parents & staff too. Hear My Voice brought a tear to our school cleaners eye.

Miss Robinson Report this comment

Posted 21st Sep 2016 03:49

I sing in one of Emily's community choirs and she started to teach this great song to us last week. She didn't mention that she had written it and it was being used for SingUp's National SingUpDay!

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