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Go the distance

This boy-friendly ballad is a real tear-jerker, by Disney demi-god, Alan Menken.

Words and music by David Zippel and Alan Menken

Comments about Go the distance

Lewis Report this comment

Posted 21st Mar 2014 07:52

I love this song it is fantastic. I taught my class it and they sing it beautifully

Askew Report this comment

Posted 12th Dec 2013 05:51

I'm learning it at my school for an class assembly, its great!

Hart Report this comment

Posted 26th May 2012 06:33

In my singing assemblies at my school this song was on and we got to learn it i thought it was the best song ever!!! so catchy to!!! I can go the distance du du du da da

Smith Report this comment

Posted 25th May 2012 04:17

My school is learning this song, awesome! hasbury primary rocks.

Martin Report this comment

Posted 8th May 2012 08:39

very good

Ms Dunn Report this comment

Posted 18th Apr 2012 09:29

A modern day pilgrim's progress song- very moving lyrics- looking forward to teaching it for a Primary schools Summer singing festival in Leicester. Thank you Sing Up for bringing it to my attention!


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