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This contemporary ballad teaches children about the importance of Armistice Day

Words and Music by Emily Barden

Comments about Remember

MS BUSH Report this comment

Posted 13th Nov 2015 07:11

Great song! The children really enjoy learning and performing it! We will be singing it this morning in assembly.


Miss Green Report this comment

Posted 7th Nov 2014 04:14

love the song.


Price Report this comment

Posted 11th Dec 2013 04:02

At school we sang this song on remembrance day to remember the solders what have died


Beal Report this comment

Posted 6th Nov 2013 07:42

I learnt this at school really quickly love it

Parent Read Report this comment

Posted 5th Dec 2011 05:53

very sad but very good!

Mrs Berry Report this comment

Posted 11th Nov 2011 08:09

Very moving, powerful words. Children learnt it quickly and used it at the start of their assembly on 11/11/11

Miss Ward Report this comment

Posted 9th Nov 2011 07:27

this is one of my favorite songs. My school are singing it on Friday for remembrance day

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