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Something inside (so strong)

This song was written by Labi Siffre as a reaction to an incident in South Africa in 1985. It became adopted as an anti-Apartheid anthem with a strong message to encourage people to stand up for their rights. Older singers who enjoy a real challenge will relish this song and give it a well-deserved gospel rendition.

Words and Music by Labi Siffre

Comments about Something inside (so strong)

Mr Buckingham Report this comment

Posted 25th Nov 2015 07:04

this is a good song


Mrs White Report this comment

Posted 23rd Jun 2014 03:53

best song

Mr Bartnik Report this comment

Posted 26th Mar 2012 06:31

my little girl loves this song she even dances along to it!

Lady Mahoney-Moore Report this comment

Posted 14th Mar 2012 05:26

I'm singing this song with my class. We sound great!

Lian Kony Report this comment

Posted 10th Feb 2012 08:40

i like this song soooo much!!!!!

Master Newman Report this comment

Posted 1st Oct 2011 09:10

we do this at school and its a great song. I love this song and so do my class mates.

Megan Bateman Report this comment

Posted 22nd Sep 2011 07:56

I adore this song!!! i could listen to it all day!!!!!! A great tune!!!!! =) 100 thumbs up from me!!! =)

Mrs Dunphy Report this comment

Posted 5th May 2011 12:54

Beautiful song, like the chorus best. The tune is stuck in our heads!! Uplands Juniors School Choir.

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 25th Mar 2011 06:35

I love this song! A lovely tune!


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