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I'm a believer

This well-known song will be loved by performers and audiences, and would make a great opening item or encore to your class assembly or concert.

Words and Music by Neil Diamond

Comments about I'm a believer

Mr Buckingham Report this comment

Posted 7th Mar 2016 07:50

I like this one so much


Rayson Report this comment

Posted 28th Jun 2014 02:36

I'm singing it in a concert. So cool.

Sing Up Team Report this comment

Posted 6th Jan 2014 03:45

Hi Miss Cuin,


Thanks for your feedback on the recording. We understand your comment, but think the track communicates enthusiasm! If you find the echo track hard to use, why not pick out the melody on a piano and teach each line using call and response?

Alternatively, you could use the backing track and your voice for learning. You may find the children grasp this song quickly as it's so famous.

You could also use the recording of the song as a prompt for the children to be reflective about their own singing. What do they like about the recording? What could they improve or do differently?

Good luck!

Miss Cuin Report this comment

Posted 1st Jan 2014 06:29

A lovely song, pity the children in the recording were a bit shouty and out of tune, makes it harder to use the echo tracks for teaching the song. I don't really want children to try and sing like this!

Mr Kumar Report this comment

Posted 23rd Mar 2012 07:44

i like this song and i sang it in school

Singup Owen-halley Report this comment

Posted 23rd Feb 2012 06:12

awsome song its great for kids


Green Report this comment

Posted 12th Jan 2012 08:21

I really love this song because it makes you wanna dance when you first hear it. Also i love it because it was in Shrek. I'm a Believer!

Mrs Hepke Report this comment

Posted 19th Oct 2011 06:43

Harmonies a bit hard to hear as the children on the track seem a little out of tune! Think I just about got it!

New Bradwell School Libby Report this comment

Posted 6th May 2011 08:52

i love this song, it is so awsome and yr5 in new bradwell school is doing this song for their assembly

Jemma Forster Forster Report this comment

Posted 13th Apr 2011 05:24

I love this Song. It Was in Shrek and Paige sung it on the x factor

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