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Just like a Roman

This clever cross-curricular song about the Romans offers a perfect vocal complement to KS2 topic work. Pertinent vocabulary, witty humour and a catchy cha-cha rhythm make this song a sure-fire winner.

Words and Music by Suzy Davies Report song usage

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Comments about Just like a Roman

Mr Tyler Report this comment

Posted 2nd May 2017 07:47

Brilliant. Great work.

Ms Shepherd Report this comment

Posted 1st Dec 2016 01:18

Absolutely love this. My Year Six class are really enjoying this song and have learnt all of their words! :)

Mr Maud Report this comment

Posted 16th Sep 2016 07:46

Really fabulous song to begin an Assembly on the Romans. Lots of rhythmic fun. The children all adore it.

Miss Ghazal Report this comment

Posted 30th Apr 2016 10:21

i love it!

Mrs Bowyer Report this comment

Posted 19th Dec 2014 02:00


Brown Report this comment

Posted 11th Nov 2013 04:59

loved it

Mrs Mattick Report this comment

Posted 5th Dec 2012 09:36

We have used this song again, as part of our study of the Romans with Year 3's, but we are enjoying it just as much as we did the very first time. The lyrics are a great 'starting point' for research, and the children learn the words readily, singing tunefully as well as performing the actions.Mrs Mattick

Mrs Penny Report this comment

Posted 6th Mar 2012 10:24

My year 3's love this song!

Mrs James Report this comment

Posted 3rd Nov 2011 03:27

I have just tried this with my class. They loved it and were so enthusiastic to sing and put actions to the song

Mrs Thompson Report this comment

Posted 11th Oct 2011 06:25

Taught the song to Years 3 and 4. They loved it and added their own actions. We will be singing it on the coach to Hadrian's Wall tomorrow. Thank you Suzy!

Ms Weston Report this comment

Posted 11th Sep 2011 10:29

Suzy Davies is a genious!!!

My Songs Tunkara Report this comment

Posted 10th Jun 2011 05:09

I don't know why anyone would not like this song!


Mrs Price Report this comment

Posted 6th Jun 2011 09:04

This is perfect for our Invasion! topic and I know the children are going to love it as much as I do!

Miss Schubert Report this comment

Posted 8th Mar 2011 07:39

A class i worked with performed this as part of their class assembly, they loved it!

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